Friday, December 7, 2012

The Levites and the 613 Mitzvot #399 and #400

These are Cohen-Levite E1b1b1 Y-DNA markers :
Sedaka/ Levite/ Aaron E1b1b1 : 13-24-14-10-17-19-11-12-12-13-11-31
Kohen E1b1b (Yichus/Line of David): 15-21-17-10-17-19-11-12-12-14-11-31
Lurie E1b1b1 (Yichus/David): 13-24-13-10-15-18-11-12-12-14-11-31

The Cohen J2 (Levy) markers are:
Levy Family 12-23-15-10-14-17-11-15-12-14-11-31

If you look for correspondence between the J2 and E1b1b1 they only occur at the last 4 /12 .... ie: 12-14-11-31 (Is that the J2/E1b1b1 Link ?) It is definitely the Levy-Levi Family !

Look at the chart of Wikipedia : Cohen J2 DNA

We are talking E1b1b1 here. Most of the Cohen haplogroup clearly show J1 & J2. If you Look at the 613 Mitzvot you see clearly what happened to the Levites. Look at Mitzvot #399 and #400. They are not allowed to Return to Israel. So the Levites are all living in the USA, Canada, Europe. etc .... The Catholics, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, Atheists etc etc etc .... Billions of E1b1b1 - One Family (Levites) 613 Mitzvot

#399 That none of the tribe of Levi shall take any portion of territory in the land (of Israel) (Deut. 18:1) (negative). See Levi.
#400 That none of the tribe of Levi shall take any share of the spoil (at the conquest of the Promised Land) (Deut. 18:1) (negative). See Levi.

Not a Single Rabbi has been able to explain these Mitzvot to me. (#399 & #400) But I have figured it out from comparing the Cohen/Levy/Levite E1b1b1 markers. This is not a Command given to follow. It is simply what has happened ? Divine Providence ? Weird. A miracle ? God has protected Billions ! We are secretly everywhere.
How many E1b1b1 are there in the World today ? 3 Billion ? Anyone know ?

The Levites can never return to Israel because the Land could never hold all of us ! The entire World is Israel already. As the Gospel of Thomas says. The Kingdom of the Father (Abraham) is spread across the Earth and man fails to see it. AB-rahm.

Abraham:Isaac through Sarah
Jacob through Rebkah
Levi through Leah
Levite Cohen Y-DNA model is E1b1b1 Haplogroup.

So, there are 7 Million mostly J2 and J1 in Israel.... 7 Million mostly J2 and J1 in the rest of the world and 3 Billion E1b1b1 Levites everywhere else.

The LORD appeared to Isaac and said, "Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live.Stay in this land for a while, and I will be with you and will bless you. For to you and your descendants I will give all these lands and will confirm the oath I swore to your father Abraham. I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed,`- Genesis 26:2-4

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tribe of Levi, Aaron Israel E1b1b1-a1c Y-DNA

Israelite Samaritan Torah Published for the first time Nov 2012

E1b1b1-a1c Tribe of Levi - Cohanim (Priests), descended from Itamar b. Aaron ISRAELITE SAMARITAN-TRIBE OF LEVI- ITAMAR b. AARON Israel E1b1b1a1c 13 24 14 10 17-19 11 12 12 13 11 31 is the FTDNA model. Itamar, youngest son of Aaron the High Priest

ISRAELITE SAMARITAN-TRIBE OF LEVI- ITAMAR b. AARON Israel E1b1b1a1c 13 24 14 10 17-19 11 12 12 13 11 31 16 9-9 11 11 25 14 21 32 14-15-16-16 10 12 19-22 16 12 19 20 31-32 12 10 10 9 15-15 8 11 10 8 12 10 0 22-22 19 11 12 12 16 7 13 22 19 14 15 13 15 11 11 11 12 Tribe of Menashe / Tsafari-Tsedaka clan  FamilyTreeDNA

In the Torah, Ithamar (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר, Modern Itamar Tiberian ʼĪṯāmār ; "palm tree isle/coast";an ancient Hebrew expression for "the father of Tamar") is mentioned as the youngest son of Aaron the High Priest. After the death of his two eldest brothers Nadab and Abihu when they had been punished by the Lord for performing an unauthorized sacrificial offering, Ithamar served as a priest along with his elder brother, Eleazar.

During the travels of the Israelites in the desert, Ithamar stood at the head of the children of Gershon and Merari, the carriers of the Tabernacle. He was also in charge of the work of the Levites in general. Ithamar and Eleazar are regarded as the direct male ancestors of all Kohanim.

According to Samaritan sources a civil War broke out between the Sons of Itamar {Eli} and the Sons of Phinehas{a son of Eleazar son of Aaron the High Priest}-which resulted in the division of those who followed Eli and those who followed High Priest Uzzi ben Bukki at Mount Gerizim Bethel {A third group followed neither}. Likewise according to Samaritan sources the high Priests line of the sons of Phineas died out in 1624 C.E. with the death of the 112th High Priest Shlomyah ben Pinhas when the priesthood was transferred to the sons of Itamar; Samaritan list of High Priests from 1613 to 2004-the 131st High priest of the Samaritans is Elazar ben Tsedaka ben Yitzhaq