Friday, December 7, 2012

The Levites and the 613 Mitzvot #399 and #400

These are Cohen-Levite E1b1b1 Y-DNA markers :
Sedaka/ Levite/ Aaron E1b1b1 : 13-24-14-10-17-19-11-12-12-13-11-31
Kohen E1b1b (Yichus/Line of David): 15-21-17-10-17-19-11-12-12-14-11-31
Lurie E1b1b1 (Yichus/David): 13-24-13-10-15-18-11-12-12-14-11-31

The Cohen J2 (Levy) markers are:
Levy Family 12-23-15-10-14-17-11-15-12-14-11-31

If you look for correspondence between the J2 and E1b1b1 they only occur at the last 4 /12 .... ie: 12-14-11-31 (Is that the J2/E1b1b1 Link ?) It is definitely the Levy-Levi Family !

Look at the chart of Wikipedia : Cohen J2 DNA

We are talking E1b1b1 here. Most of the Cohen haplogroup clearly show J1 & J2. If you Look at the 613 Mitzvot you see clearly what happened to the Levites. Look at Mitzvot #399 and #400. They are not allowed to Return to Israel. So the Levites are all living in the USA, Canada, Europe. etc .... The Catholics, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, Atheists etc etc etc .... Billions of E1b1b1 - One Family (Levites) 613 Mitzvot

#399 That none of the tribe of Levi shall take any portion of territory in the land (of Israel) (Deut. 18:1) (negative). See Levi.
#400 That none of the tribe of Levi shall take any share of the spoil (at the conquest of the Promised Land) (Deut. 18:1) (negative). See Levi.

Not a Single Rabbi has been able to explain these Mitzvot to me. (#399 & #400) But I have figured it out from comparing the Cohen/Levy/Levite E1b1b1 markers. This is not a Command given to follow. It is simply what has happened ? Divine Providence ? Weird. A miracle ? God has protected Billions ! We are secretly everywhere.
How many E1b1b1 are there in the World today ? 3 Billion ? Anyone know ?

The Levites can never return to Israel because the Land could never hold all of us ! The entire World is Israel already. As the Gospel of Thomas says. The Kingdom of the Father (Abraham) is spread across the Earth and man fails to see it. AB-rahm.

Abraham:Isaac through Sarah
Jacob through Rebkah
Levi through Leah
Levite Cohen Y-DNA model is E1b1b1 Haplogroup.

So, there are 7 Million mostly J2 and J1 in Israel.... 7 Million mostly J2 and J1 in the rest of the world and 3 Billion E1b1b1 Levites everywhere else.

The LORD appeared to Isaac and said, "Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live.Stay in this land for a while, and I will be with you and will bless you. For to you and your descendants I will give all these lands and will confirm the oath I swore to your father Abraham. I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed,`- Genesis 26:2-4


  1. I have results from my latest attempt at assigning Hebrew characters to DNA nucleotides A, G, T, and C.

    I used base 4 and using factorial 4! it was determined that there are 24 combinations. No one combination is preeminent over another, so I had to examine all 24 combinations.

    Knowing that base 4 will never equally equal 22 Hebrew letters, I searched for a way to assign each Hebrew letter to a portion of the DNA sequence.

    I am studying my own Y-DNA chromosome. There is an insertion on my Y-DNA that identifies my ancestry. It is 1124 base pairs long and solely identifies my Y-DNA haplotype as descending from "DE". I am specifically E1b1b1a1b.

    1124 is exactly 4 X 281. It cannot be broken down any further and still retain enough diversity to assign Hebrew letters.

    So there are 281 (prime number) packets of 4 base pairs each for a total of 1124 base pairs.

    Each packet of 4 nucleotides (base pairs) can be any combination from 1111 to 4444. This in base 10 is from 1 to 256.

    So there are 256 combinations which still does not lend itself to 22 Hebrew letters evenly.

    However, I found that if each number is multiplied with all numbers in its packet then we derive at a smaller subset.

    1 X 1 X 1 X 1 yields a product of 1 and at the other end 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 yields the highest product of 256. However these products and the products in between yield a cumulative subset of only 25 numbers. This is much closer to 22.

    The goal is to produce a representation of Hebrew letters from DNA nucleotides which are not arbitrary.

    My next step was how to assign the letters and which ones would not be assigned. So I selected all products which were represented with a frequency greater than one. There are 22 products that meet these requirements. Three products only yielded one result each: 1111, 3333, and 4444. So I assigned them hyphens as separators between groups of Hebrew letters.

    After this I found that there is a frequency of letter distribution in the Torah for all 22 letters. Remarkably, the 22 different products of AGTC in its various combinations are very similar. I graphed both and their overall curves follow similar trends.

    It was easy to assign the letters in a non arbitrary manner. The results are interesting.

    In the assignment of A=1, T=4, C=2, and G=3, I found the following in sequence with no spaces or intervening letters.

    ה ו ה י כ ל מ

    There appear to be words before and after these also, but I'll work on that.

    The original Torah was most likely written in Paleo-Hebrew and did not have sofit letters. There were only 22 letters.

    So it appears that: "King Yahweh" is present under this method. This chance occurrence is 1 in 50,000,000 for their arrangement in the Torah and 1 in 2.5 billion in any random string of Hebrew characters! (22^7) This is remarkable with a relatively small set of 281 numbers in12 permutations for a total of 3372 numbers/letters.

    Elohim created Hebrew and He created DNA. I have been wondering if His fingerprints are on both?

    Another interesting relationship has popped up. The frequency of Hebrew letters can be expressed as 1 in 11 and so forth. Rounding these numbers is very legitimate due to letters being discrete (integer type). If all numbers are added from the 22 Hebrew characters in their frequency in the Torah, the sum is exactly 1124. Curiously, this is the number of nucleotides in the E haplotype insertion. This insertion is called the YAP: Y-DNA ALU Polymorphism. I know that such numbers are not meant to be added, but I was just messing around and discovered it by accident...curious.

    1. I forgot to mention that the 1124 nucleotide sequence is the mutation that identifies the parent grouping of all M35.1 men. It is M1 or the YAP, Y-DNA Alu Polymorphism. It is an insertion of 1124 base pairs that only we have. It identifies all DE, D, and E families of the earth. It is my contention that it identifies the descendants of the patriarch Jacob. There is no other genetic descendancy; they are only additions such as converts.

  2. Wow - Awesome. I was wondering if you just use the letters from 1-9 and broke each # down into single digits ..... ie: 12 = Aleph Bet

    13-24-13-10-16-18-11-12-12-14-11-31 .... Aleph, Gimmel, Bet, Dallet, Aleph, Gimmel, Aleph, 0, Aleph, Vav etc...... or even add each 1+3 = 4(Dallet) 2+4=6(Vav) lots of options ....