Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tribe of Levi, Aaron Israel E1b1b1-a1c Y-DNA

Israelite Samaritan Torah Published for the first time Nov 2012

E1b1b1-a1c Tribe of Levi - Cohanim (Priests), descended from Itamar b. Aaron ISRAELITE SAMARITAN-TRIBE OF LEVI- ITAMAR b. AARON Israel E1b1b1a1c 13 24 14 10 17-19 11 12 12 13 11 31 is the FTDNA model. Itamar, youngest son of Aaron the High Priest

ISRAELITE SAMARITAN-TRIBE OF LEVI- ITAMAR b. AARON Israel E1b1b1a1c 13 24 14 10 17-19 11 12 12 13 11 31 16 9-9 11 11 25 14 21 32 14-15-16-16 10 12 19-22 16 12 19 20 31-32 12 10 10 9 15-15 8 11 10 8 12 10 0 22-22 19 11 12 12 16 7 13 22 19 14 15 13 15 11 11 11 12 Tribe of Menashe / Tsafari-Tsedaka clan  FamilyTreeDNA

In the Torah, Ithamar (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר, Modern Itamar Tiberian ʼĪṯāmār ; "palm tree isle/coast";an ancient Hebrew expression for "the father of Tamar") is mentioned as the youngest son of Aaron the High Priest. After the death of his two eldest brothers Nadab and Abihu when they had been punished by the Lord for performing an unauthorized sacrificial offering, Ithamar served as a priest along with his elder brother, Eleazar.

During the travels of the Israelites in the desert, Ithamar stood at the head of the children of Gershon and Merari, the carriers of the Tabernacle. He was also in charge of the work of the Levites in general. Ithamar and Eleazar are regarded as the direct male ancestors of all Kohanim.

According to Samaritan sources a civil War broke out between the Sons of Itamar {Eli} and the Sons of Phinehas{a son of Eleazar son of Aaron the High Priest}-which resulted in the division of those who followed Eli and those who followed High Priest Uzzi ben Bukki at Mount Gerizim Bethel {A third group followed neither}. Likewise according to Samaritan sources the high Priests line of the sons of Phineas died out in 1624 C.E. with the death of the 112th High Priest Shlomyah ben Pinhas when the priesthood was transferred to the sons of Itamar; Samaritan list of High Priests from 1613 to 2004-the 131st High priest of the Samaritans is Elazar ben Tsedaka ben Yitzhaq


  1. Poor article. Pseudoscience!

    1. In fact this is Excellent Research. Dr Baruch PHD

  2. The first commenter doesn't like the scientific evidence that many "jews" claiming to be kohanim are frauds because these false claimants together descend from at least 5 completely different Y-chromosomal (paternal) haplogroups.

    Levites, of course, all share the same haplogroup: E1b1b1a1

    Lying ashkenazi mamzer are NOT of the family of Israel but of Edom.