Monday, January 28, 2013

340,000 year old DNA and the Timeline of Creation.

Timeline of Creation .....

Our Universe was created 13.75 Billion years ago.... how many Universes existed before then ?

A Biblical Timeline.... some Events in History ..... going back a few years. Look at all the stuff that happened before Adam and Eve !!

According to the National Geographic Genographic Project our present Human DNA originates 500,000 years ago. Curious to know if Adam and Eve (5773 years ago) have different DNA ? J + K, E1b1b1-a1b + X etc etc ? Anyone know ?

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  1. Maybe humans were dumped here as the rubbish thrown out of the Universe, the violent ones that kill and eat anything that lives. Maybe Earth was meant to be Mankinds eternal sentance until they 'eat' themselves.