Monday, January 7, 2013

Did Canaanites create the Hebrew Aleph-Bet ?

It is possible that the present day Hebrew Letters (Aleph-Bet) comes from a type of Word Mnemonic developed by Canaanite workers in Egyptian Turquoise Mines 4,000 years ago .... (2,000 BC) before Abraham. For these Canaanites the pictorial meanings of the new letters were paramount. The iconic meaning of the hieroglyphs (what they actually pictured) served as an important mnemonic tool for the Canaanite adopters. The iconic meaning of the hieroglyphs was so important that even today, when the Hebrew letters have lost all iconic connection to the old pictorial models (we can‘t recognize what the letters are supposed to picture), most letters are still named after the old pictures ....... The Origins of the Aleph Bet

Canaanite Aleph-Bet 2,000 BC

Phoenician Aleph-Bet 1,400 BC

Hebrew Aleph-Bet 200 BC Hebrew

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  1. By Sir A.Gardiner and the linguistics-egyptologe college K.Sethe, of early xx century were used the convention that the Hyxos ,the hkw kswt of egyptians had brought the "sinai" alphabet in to use for the Meds on their mediterranean see.(Harmann H.:Köln 1998)