Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Family Tree DNA believes price should not keep anyone from taking the first step in DNA testing. For a limited time, they are offering the basic Y-DNA 12 test for only $49. If you've ever considered exploring the origins of your direct paternal line, the time to order is now .... 

DNA testing can show:

  • if two people are related
  • your suggested geographic origins
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Y-DNA12 - Male Test

Your matches and ancestral origins largely depend on how your DNA compares to the FamilyTreeDNA database. With the largest DNA database in the world, you have the greatest chance of finding close relatives by testing with FTDNA. 

The Father of all men is 340,000 years old. - New Scientist

DNA evidence has revealed that the oldest known common male ancestor is 340,000 years old, more than twice as old as previous estimates.

New Scientist reports that the sample comes from a recently deceased man named Albert Perry. After the African-American South Carolina man died, one of his relatives submitted a sample of his DNA to a company called Family Tree DNA for analysis.

The findings were published in the The American Journal of Human Genetics and may require researchers to adjust the known timeline of humankind’s evolution.

Michael Hammer, a geneticist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, heard about Perry's unusual Y chromosome and did some further testing. His team's research revealed something extraordinary: Perry did not descend from the genetic Adam. In fact, his Y chromosome was so distinct that his male lineage probably separated from all others about 338,000 years ago..... More :